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When it come to mold & airborne contaminates, it is important to hire experts who have the knowledge, experience and the proper equipment to first assess the extent of the issue, and then have problem remediated safely & efficiently. Coastal Pure Air utilizes advanced Dry Aerosol Fogging Technology which will remove up to 99% of all bacterial spores, fungal spores, bacteria, mycobacteria, yeast, molds, viruses and neutralize most odours. We are extremely affordable at a fraction of the price when compared to traditional mold remediation utilizing demolition. A typical 2000 square foot house can be treated within 3-4 hours and 100% safe for reentry that day. Unlike wet fogging applications our system is completely safe for use on all electronics and furniture leaving behind no excessive wet residual residue.

1. More Effective Then Traditional Methods

Coastal Pure Air is at the forefront of dry fog technology neutralizing surface & airborne contaminates with little or no disruption to normal activity. Our advanced dry fog technology in combination with our pharmaceutical grade cold sterilant will guarantee to reach into every pore of your home killing mold, viruses, bacteria and odours on contact. Dry fog microns will penetrate inside wall cavities as well as inside porous materials like furniture and drywall.

2. Non Invasive - Demolition Free

Our advanced Dry Fog Technology is what differentiates our process from the competition. Instead of traditional demolition restoration procedures we utilize advanced sub micron particles of dry fog which will fill the capacity of your home, destroying all bacterial spores, fungal spores, bacterial, mycobacteria, yeast, molds, viruses and neutralize most odors.

3. 100% Coverage - 360 Degree

The Coastal Pure Air equipment is designed to produce fine droplets that average 7.5 microns in diameter, which will ensure even dispersion of our solution through-out the entire home or business. These small droplets will tend to bounce off of hard surfaces and thus avoid excessive condensation, corrosion and surface wetting issues associated with systems producing larger droplets.

4. Trained & Qualified Technicians

Coastal Pure Air technicians are trained and certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), with Applied Microbial Remediation Technician and Water Damage Restoration Technician Certificates. Our technicians are adequately equipped to preform remediation services, while protecting the health and safety of workers and occupants.

5. Comprehensive - 3rd Party Testing

Our process is so effective we guarantee that the air in your home will be safer and healthier than the outside air by the time we are done. We offer indoor air quality (IAQ) sampling verified by an accredited 3rd party lab after the completion of our process to leave you the peace of mind the job has been completed 100%.

6. Affordability

Due to the advanced dry aerosol fog technology utilized by Coastal Pure Air, we can do jobs faster, more efficiently and without the unnecessary costs of building containments, replacing walls and carpet. Coastal Pure Air treats the entire home or facility leaving no area untouched from our decontamination process. We provide free inspections and estimates our prices are usually a fraction of our competitors

7. Green & Environmentally Friendly

All fogging agents used are non toxic, contain zero VOC's, fully biodegradable, water-soluble and registered with Health Canada and the EPA. Coastal Pure Air only utilizes top tier fogging agents that are tested and verified indicating they are safe for your family, pets and property. You can enter the treated building shortly after our process is complete. With our process we do not spread existing mold spores throughout your home we fog the entire premises, once our fog comes in contact with mold spores it kills and neutralizes them in place.

8. Faster & Efficient

Our process is extremely fast and efficient, completing most jobs within 4 hours having you back in your home that day. Prior mold remediation methods can take weeks to get mold levels to acceptable levels in a room not to mention the rest or the home. Our process dry fogs the entire premises taking care of the entire problem start to finish that day. Coastal Pure Air takes pride in servicing our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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