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If your home or business requires decontamination of harmful viruses and pathogens, the Coastal Pure Air team can help. Our superior sanitization and disinfection services use the same advanced sterilization procedures used by bio-medical facilities, pharmaceutical labs, and hospital operating rooms. Our top quality antimicrobial disinfectant product ensures that your space is sanitized to medical-grade standards, 100% safe, and fully decontaminated.

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Our Methodology

Our process is the most comprehensive option available on the market when compared to other treatment options including ‘wet’ fog spraying, UV treatments or spot cleaning high touch areas. One main challenge with attempting to eradicate any pathogen via more traditional cleaning methods is that thorough application is key to the effectiveness of the method. The Coastal Pure Air procedure completely removes the risk for human error, which is common with other methods of pathogen removal. For this reason, our dry fog system completely surpasses any other method of eradication.

The process begins with our trained technicians filling your building or home with a safe, EPA and Health Canada approved dry fog. This fog is ultra-penetrating and leaves absolutely no residue or excessive dampness. The fog is guaranteed to reach into every pore of your home or building and destroy virus and bacteria on contact. Once the fog has filled the capacity of the room and has made contact with all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for the desired dwell time until all viruses and pathogens in the space are eliminated. Once the area has been fully decontaminated, it is safe for you to return.

Our Process

Our experienced team of technicians uses advanced dry aerosol fogging technology to eradicate harmful mold spores, bacteria, odours, pathogens and allergens all while disinfecting all areas of your home or workplace. This innovative process creates a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly fog which neutralizes airborne and surface contaminates eliminating up to 99% of mold spores, fungal spores, mycobacteria, yeast, bacteria, allergens and viruses. Once all harmful particles are eliminated, the fog evaporates safely without leaving behind any residual wetness or residue. We protect the health of our customers by restoring the health of their homes and workplaces.

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The Value of a Coastal Pure Air System

Ensures Dry Uniform Delivery

Coastal Pure Air's advanced dry aerosol fog technology ensures 100% uniform delivery of our industry leading spore and bacteria killing solution, to deliver our cold sterilant to all the crevices and areas beyond the reach of sprays, wipes and UV lights.

Extremely Effective

Our advanced vapor like gas diffusion fogging procedure safely delivers our cold sterilant completely filling the volume of space treated. This ensures the removal of airborne bacteria, pathogens, viruses, mold spores and odours. The air will be safer and healthier than the air outside by the time we have finished.

Cost Effective

Traditional mold removal requires days or even weeks to complete and requires extensive set up and equipment which is expensive. The Coastal Pure Air process only takes one visit and requires minimal to no demolition making it a fraction of the cost of traditional mold remediation.

Environmentally Friendly

Our process is 100% environment friendly, safe for people and your pets. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive, contains zero VOC's and is biodegradable. Tough enough to neutralize pathogens, viruses, bacteria and mold spores yet is safer and gentler than common household bleach.

Why Us?

What sets Coastal Pure Air apart? The advantage to our disinfection and sanitization process compared to competitors is our advanced dry fog technology. There are three main benefits of using a dry fog process:

  • First, in order to administer the fog in a “dry” form, the fogger forces the decontaminate into a smaller molecular size than is utilized in traditional fogging methods.
  • Second, because the fog can’t condense, it dwells in the air, killing the airborne viruses and pathogens.
  • Third, we completely treat the entirety of home or business leaving absolutely no area untouched. With 100% coverage, we offer the most effective decontamination process available on the market.

Our Chemistry

Coastal Pure Air utilizes the industry’s most advanced and powerful cold sterilant, Peracetic Acid (PAA). This solution harnesses the natural cleaning power of Hydrogen Peroxide & Acetic Acid, penetrating and disarming toxins at a molecular level.

PAA disinfects by oxidizing the outer cellular membrane of bacterial cells, endospores, yeast, mold spores and other types of cells. Inside the cell it denatures proteins, disrupts cell wall permeability, and oxidizes sulfur bonds in enzymes turning it into inert matter. PAA irreversibly disrupts the cells systems and destroys it. Our cold sterilant has an EPA & Health Canada Registered Dry Fog Claim. The formula is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, contains zero VOC’s and is biodegradable. After treatment it breaks down into water, oxygen and acetic acid making it 100% safe for people and pets.

Proven Effective Against Viruses Similar to COVID-19

The Coastal Pure Air process and formula has been proven to be effective against viruses similar to those that cause Coronavirus or COVID-19. Our team uses only Health Canada approved and EPA registered disinfectant products that are currently being used extensively world-wide to combat COVID-19. Coastal Pure Air incorporates all Worksafe BC and Health Canada policies related to methodology and appropriate usage of approved SARS-Cov2 hard surface disinfectant into our service protocol.

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Coastal Pure Air provides professional remediation services to home and business owners across Vancouver Island. Call us below or visit our contact page to request an estimate.