Ohh no you have found mold in your home! You are now most likely pondering how much you can expect to pay to get rid of this nasty issue. Of course, mold is a serious condition and must be remedied right, but wait you may not need to hire a professional remediation company and thus can avoid a costly home mold remediation bill!

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First you’ll want to take immediate steps to identify, remove and fix the source of moisture that led to the environment which allowed mold growth. It is a crucial step that can’t be missed as the source of moisture and water intrusion must be rectified or the mold will return. If the mold infestation is in your home is under 10 square feet in area, the EPA indicates the property owners can generally handle the problem themselves. You can safely remove it yourself through the use of over the counter mold removal products, a product such as MoldEx works great to clean the area while also disinfecting and deodorizing the area. Removal projects under 10 square feet can costs as little as $50 to $300. When the mold is completely dried, cleaned and the water intrusion has been fixed you can simply paint over the affected area with encapsulated mold paint to help prevent future mold from returning.

Now if the mold area is greater than 10 square feet it’s time to call in a professional mold removal company who can adequately assess the damage and completely remove the mold and ensure you home is safe. Price alone should never be your only consideration, you need to ensure the underlying cause of the mold has been corrected and remediated properly. The mold removal company will first come for an initial inspection, this is typically a free service and they will provide a quote and scope of work for the remediation work. The mold removal company will have an arsenal of hi-tech gadgets that will help determine exactly where the mold has originated and the extent. The tools they typically use are moisture meters, hygro thermometers, thermal imaging cameras and air quality monitors. Indoor air quality testing can also be performed, this testing typically costs between $300 to $500. The indoor air quality samples are taken throughout the home as well as an outdoor sample for comparison purposes, these samples are then sent to an independent third party lab to identify the type and concentration of mold in the home.

Depending on the severity of the mold in your home will depend on the cost, typically costs can range from as little as $500 to $5,000 depending on the damage incurred. According to HomeAdvisor they indicates the national average for mold remediation is $2,215 and the typical budget can range between $1,119 and $3,326 or $10 to $25 per square foot with larger jobs costing upwards in excess of $6,000. Several factors determine the budget for remediation, the amount of mold growth and the level of corrosion may require replacement of structural materials. The costs really start to add up when the mold has caused structural rot to flooring, drywall and worst case scenario the framing of the house. As when rot occurs the best method is to completely remove and replace affected areas! This is why when mold is first found it needs to be remediated as soon as possible because if not the the mold removal cost can be extremely expensive.

You really need to think of its as a positive investment for your home and families health. Mold spore growth only gets worse over time and the problem compounds. A high initial price with good a reputable and fair company means fewer needed repairs down the road. You will also get the peace of mind the that your indoor air quality will be free of dangerous mold spores and toxins. In short mold removal costs can vary greatly but the key is getting the problem addressed with as soon as possible to mitigate a potentially extensive bill.

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