How to remove mold in your basement?

With the tremendous amount of wet weather we receive in beautiful Victoria British Columbia, it is extremely common to find mold in your basement, garage, attic or even inside your home. A lack of proper airflow, ventilation and high humidity can create the perfect environment for toxic mold spores to grow. That’s why mold growing in the basement is one of the most susceptible places for this fungi, especially if there has been water damage! To learn a little more on how to remove mold from your basement here are a few tips.

The main issues related to Mold growth- Before we learn how to remove mold from your basement, it is important to understand the underlying causes for it to grow in the first place. To avoid mold from starting to grow in the first place, here are some of the main issues:

  1. Excessive Moisture and Water- Leaking pipes or foundation caused by years of wear and tear, especially in the older homes of Victoria can create a damp and humid environment which is extremely favorable to mold spores. Condensation on window sills can also be a contributor to high humidity in the basement.
  2. Flash Flood & Rain Storms- If you have experienced a flood or extensive water damage in your basement due to a torrential rain storm or sewer backup, residual water can seep into many areas as a result and leave behind moisture for mold and mildew to develop even after being cleaned up and remediated.
  3. Sump Pump Failures- Sump pumps are there to protect your home against accumulating water by directing and pumping it away, but when there is a failure it can lead to extensive water damage and mold growth.
  4. Inadequate Ventilation- When poor ventilation and water mix it creates condensation which raises the relative humidity in the basement, this is a leading factor in mold growth. Once the relative humidity is greater than 60% it can lead to mold spores starting to grow.

Eliminating Mold in the Basement

Dry out the basement and remove excessive water- This is the first step to successfully removing the mold from the basement. If water is still present in the basement mold can start to grow in as little as 48 to 72 hours. Open windows, bring in air movers and fans and completely dry out the basement.

Use a Mold cleaner to remove the mold- There are many over the counter cleaners available to remove mold from various hardware stores that will aid in the clean up. If you want cleaners that are commonly found around the home Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide are great. Try to avoid Bleach as it will just kill the surface mold and not destroy the mold roots and the mold will return in the basement.

HEPA Vacuuming- Once the basement is completely dried out and the mold has been cleaned up, a high-efficiency particle vacuum should be used to remove the remaining spores on the basement floor and walls. These are designed to capture minute micron sized particles through a special filter, removing as much of the mold spores as possible.

How to Prevent Mold from Returning?

Repair the original water intrusion or leak- Repairing any leaks is a crucial step and cannot be over looked, if the water/moisture returns so will the mold. Wether the issue was a basement shower leak, leaky windows, burst pipe, sump pump failure or flood the water intrusion needs to be fixed professionally.

Utilize a Dehumidifier- As soon as the humidity in the basement exceeds 60% mold can start to grow. Dehumidifiers will remove the excess moisture in the air which is an excellent tool to have in your basement. They are easily found at most hardware stores and home supply stores. Keep it running continuously and empty the water collection plate and you will see just home much moisture it is sucking out of your basement.

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