Preventing mold growth while maintaining your property is crucial to ensuring your home is healthy and doesn’t pose a risk to your family. Mold can thrive in damp areas so if you have had leaks or moisture issues, mold is likely to grow. Black Mold can often be seen in the garage because it can be one of the areas in your home with the highest humidity as well as a dark environment.

Apart from causing damage to the structure of your home, mold in the garage can also be dangerous to your health and indoor air quality. There a severe risks associated with mold growth which may lead to adverse health problems if not removed immediately.

Mold spores can cause pneumonia, increased asthma attacks, respiratory issues, skin irritation among other negative symptoms.

While molds in the garage may pose a smaller risk, they can still be dangerous as mold produces harmful chemicals such as mycotoxins which can make their way into your home reducing your indoor air quality. If mold in your garage is troubling your, here are some helpful tips on how to get rid and prevent mold in your garage.

  1. Scrub the Mold and Spores Thoroughly- When mold has started to grow in your garage, you need to remove it immediately to stop it from spreading. Scrub the mold thoroughly to make sure its removed, use a mold approved cleaner to effectively kill the mold as well as mold spores. Natural ingredients such as distilled white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide work well as they are free of harsh and harmful chemicals found in some mold sprays. Wear the appropriate PPE including a mask, gloves and safety glasses. After thoroughly scrubbing the mold, make sure to dry the affected area. If the area is greater than 3 feet by 3 feet, it is recommended that you call a professional mold removal company.
  2. Inspect your Garage- To prevent mold, it is crucial that you inspect your garage and check the area for leaks and or other conditions that may cause excessive moisture. Ensure windows in the garage are installed correctly and not leaking. If there are potential leaks in your garage roof, have a professional fix them immediately to prevent water that will attract mold.
  3. Seal Garage Door Well- If your want to ensure moisture and water does not enter your garage from underneath the garage door, make sure to seal the garage doors properly. If the water does enter from under the garage door, it is likely mold growth will start to occur as mold loves damp dark places. The occurrence of water and humidity in your garage my not only cause mold growth but can also damage the structure and concrete in the garage.
  4. Control the Humidity in your Garage- One way to prevent your garage from conditions that promote mold growth, is you need to keep your garage dry, well ventilated with proper air flow. A major cause of mold growth is high humidity over 60%, so if your garage does not have window or air vents, you will need to do something about controlling the humidity in your garage. One of the best ways to do this is to use a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are not only great for controlling the humidity but also for eliminating condensation in the garage, making your garage free of moisture helps in preventing mold growth.
  5. Keep your Garage Storage Organized and Off the Floor- If your garage serves as a storage area, it is much more susceptible to mold growth. Mold loves to feed on cardboard as a food source, so try and use plastic totes as much as possible. Instead of keeping items on the floor, move them to shelves so in case of water intrusion they wont get wet and start to breed mold.

In conclusion keeping your garage well ventilate, sealed, ensuring the humidity is below 60% and organized are great tactics in preventing mold growth from occurring and or spreading. Coastal Pure Air is an industry leader in mold removal and remediation that you can trust with your residential or commercial property. Contact us today with any further questions 236-562-1252.

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